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TruCath Self-Cath Olive Tip Coude

TruCath Coudé Intermittent Catheters are designed to maneuver through obstructions in the urethra such as an enlarged prostate or urethral stricture. They feature polished eyelets and a coude (curved) tip for smooth insertion and removal. The catheter also contains a marked funnel for optimal catheter tip positioning during catheterization. They are not made with natural latex or DEHP. Catheters are single-use and sterile.

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Size - 8FR 16" Male, Package of 1
Size - 10FR 16" Male, Package of 1
Size - 12FR 16" Male, Package of 1
Size - 14FR 16" Male, Package of 1
Size - 16FR 16" Male, Package of 1
Size - 18FR 16" Male, Package of 1