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Prevail Per-Fit

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Prevail Per-Fit Men Protective Underwear

Per-FitĀ® Men Protective Underwear is designed specifically for men to deliver extra absorbency and the feel of standard underwear. For men who experience frequent leaks or sudden urges that don't allow time to get to the bathroom, this protective underwear delivers extra moisture and odor protection for long-lasting freshness. The breathable, cloth-like material creates a form-fitting shape and gives the look and feel of standard underwear.
Starting at $12.99

Prevail Per-Fit Women Protective Underwear

Per-FitĀ® Women protective underwear strikes the perfect balance between protection and comfort. For women who experience frequent leaks and sudden urges that don't allow time to find a bathroom, this product delivers extra absorbency in a lavender hue for long-lasting freshness. Breathable, cloth-like fabric offers a form-fitting shape and stretch waist, providing a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.
Starting at $12.99