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TruCath Intermittent Straight Catheter

TruCath® Intermittent Catheters are designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. They feature polished eyelets for smooth insertion and removal. They are sterile, single-use and are not made with natural latex rubber or DEHP [Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate] Female and male sizes.
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TruCath Self-Cath Olive Tip Coude

TruCath Coudé Intermittent Catheters are designed to maneuver through obstructions in the urethra such as an enlarged prostate or urethral stricture. They feature polished eyelets and a coude (curved) tip for smooth insertion and removal. The catheter also contains a marked funnel for optimal catheter tip positioning during catheterization. They are not made with natural latex or DEHP. Catheters are single-use and sterile.
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TruCath Male External Catheter

TruCath® Silicone Standard External Catheters are designed to manage incontinence in a discreet, reliable, and easy-to-use way without the fear of leaks. Simply roll our flexible, self-adhesive sheaths over the penis like a condom and connect the tip of the sheath to a urinary drainage bag. Each condom catheter can be worn for up to 24 hours and comes in easy-to-open packaging. For added wear time and security, try our extended adhesive external catheters. Now available in a range of sizes. Non-sterile, single-use, 100% latex free.
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HR Pharmaceuticals Lubricating Jelly

HR® Lubricating Jelly is Chlorhexidine free Bacteriostatic Practitioners can use HR® Lubricating Jelly for every procedure and/or application that requires a lubricant and thus eliminates multiple SKU’s for lubricant in the hospital and distribution supply chain HR® Lubricating Jelly is sterile until the packaging seal is broken
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